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In the light of COVID-19 pandemic that is threatening the humankind, equine-assisted therapy centers and therapeutic horseback riding Virginia are close for operation. While patients can have access to most of the in-office therapy sessions via call and online, people who rely on equine-assisted therapy at the farm have been hit hard.

In this blog, we are going to share some simple ways to keep up with your horse therapy. Note that you will have to ask your equine therapists to assist you

1. Tip for Transitional Object / Sensory Activity

Ask your therapeutic riding Virginia provider to send you audio track of the horses grazing or running across the farm. The rhythmic moment of the horse will help you in calming your nerves and find peace. You can also request the therapist to share the picture of your favorite horse where you used to take your sessions.

  • Tips for Visualization Activity
  • Imagine or recall the time your favorite horse made you feel calm and at peace. If you are unable to visualize your horse, you can ask the therapist to share a picture of the horse. This activity will allow you to feel joyful and let go of the stress.
  • To enhance your visualization activity, paint the pictures of the horse, or create a collage that depicts those moments when you felt happy being around the horse.
  • If you are not good at drawing or painting, write a letter to your horse. Write down your emotions and feeling in the message or share some challenging experiences that you have had recently.

3. Tips for Virtual Contact

Let’s admit it, nothing can come close to being physically present with the horses. However, virtual contact can allow you to reconnect with your horse.

  • Ask the therapy provider to share videos of the herd. Try to interpret how the herd is interacting with each other.
  • If possible, ask the therapist to live stream the session at the farm for you. For an enhanced experience, practice mindfulness during the online session with your horse.
  • This is the best time to review your past sessions. Go through the video recordings of your sessions and review them. This will allow you to recall and revisit your time with the horse and relive those emotions.

Neuroception Activity:

  • Sit in a quiet place. Now visualize that you are going the farm. Recall the way to the farm. Describe the things that pass through on the way to the farm. Imagine the driveway, the outdoor of the ranch property. Now, imagine yourself leaving the farm. Emphasize how you feel. How is your nervous system experiencing this process? With this activity, you can identify the signs of emotional threat, safety, etc. This will also enhance the ability of internal as well as external awareness.

Now, repeat the same process. But this time, imagine that you are a horse. Register how you are feeling throughout this process. By the end of this treatment, you will have a sense of empathy and self-awareness.